Speakers Can Now Add Talks!

After some great feedback from early beta testers, we decided to add a new feature and see where it takes us. Read below to see how you can add and a talk, and how this feature might grow.

Ground Rules

Here’s some ground rules to start:

– You do not have to classify yourself as a “speaker” to add talks. This was done on purpose because some people might have done talks or been on panels but not officially call themselves a “speaker”.
– However, in order to add a talk you need to associate it with a conference… which means you need to choose the “i am/was a speaker” on a conference page.
– We’re still in the early stages of this feature. UI is going to be improved but for now we’ve kept it simple – just need to tell us the talk title, the conference, and where the slides are located. You also have the ability to tell us if the talk was actually a panel.

Where To Claim You Are Speaking
Where To Claim You Are Speaking

Ok that sounds great… what’s the first step?

Screenshot 2016-07-29 20.17.55

Choose “My Talks” from the “events” menu in your profile.

Screenshot 2016-07-29 20.19.17

Go to the “Edit” section and add a talk. At this time, you can create as many talks as you need. Each talk needs to be associated with a conference YOU ARE ALREADY MARKED AS A SPEAKER WITH (see above). If the event is not in the dropdown, go to the event page and make sure you are attending and marked as a speaker.

Screenshot 2016-07-29 20.19.28

You can view the talks on the “public” tab.

Help Us Test!

It should be clear that we are NOT expecting you to HOST slides at conferencia.io. In fact, you can’t. And we don’t think this will ever be an option. You should be comfortable hosting slides where you want.

We would love your feedback and a few minutes of your time adding some talks. We already have some great potential features and tools tied into speaker talks.