Conferencia + Slack


Need to quickly find a tech conference or WordCamp? Know when tickets are on sale or sold out? You can find out – all from inside Slack.

To find conferences or events, just type
/events search “Florida”
and Conferencia will send you back any conferences/events in our database that are in Florida.

The site is in beta, and the information that is accessed through our Slack application is also under beta.

Get The Slack App

Installing the Slack app is as easy as clicking the button below:

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Help / Support

If you need support or have questions about the Slack app, please reach out to us.


To help us with diagnostics, we are monitoring what keywords are being searched for but we are not tracking users.
Everything is completely anonymous. You can see our full privacy policy here.

Other Information

Please feel free to read more about us or check out our blog.