Wow, 2016 has kicked off at a pace…we just blinked and Easter raced passed us all!

The excitement of last years WordCamp has sadly become nothing more than just a lovely memory as everyone’s time and attention has been refocused on facing the pace and challenges of this new year.

Not to worry.. That longing you feel whilst holding onto the memories you made last year will soon be turned back into excitement and anticipation as we are pleased to announce WCCT 2016 which will be held on the 8th & 9th of September this year.

The daydreams of WordCamp déjà vu will become a reality yet again as we host the next annual WCCT at the beautiful (and fun) River Club that you all came to experience and love as of last year.

The organising team is working hard to bring you all of the fun and familiarity of the previous years and we have some exciting prospects in the way of speakers already lined up.

Twenty Fifteen saw the the introduction of a second, dedicated day for workshops that was marvelous success! This year we will be putting together even more workshops on incredibly sought after and varying topics for beginners to advanced skill levels to make sure you walk away with even more knowledge and excitement than when you arrived.

We will undoubtedly be joined by some local and international WordPress ambassadors again this year and we will have the pleasure of chatting to and sharing experiences and knowledge with these individuals. Not to mention the engagement we will yet enjoy again with each other over the crunches of the delicious lunches served by the venue or the whip of golf clubs cracking balls 10cm away from where we started as the pro golfers much of us are 😉

Take the leap this year… and join us for what is one of the best and biggest Tech events on the South African calendar. Enjoy some good food and snacks, loads of swag, speakers and workshops, go smack some gold balls or lounge in the breaks by the pool and then take a breather at the official after party as you mingle and meet new faces and friends…

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