Dashboard Improvements For WCUS

nov-29-2016-10-15-49For a long time, the dashboard page for conferencia has been merely a placeholder. Not worth anyone’s time of day.

That changes this week and weekend, as WordCamp US (and other conferences/meetups around it) happens. You can now watch the dashboard live as certain events play over the next few days. The most trending events will be on the dashboard – so if you want to see media for a concluded event you might have to check out that event’s actual page (check out the event page for the links).

So far, we are hoping to monitor:

– Tweet photos
– Tweet videos
– Periscopes
– Instagram Photos
– Instagram Videos

Another special feature – we are including photos from photographers that post directly to conferencia! That means hopefully there will be interesting photos and ANIMATED GIFS (yippie!) that you won’t see anywhere else.

We are expecting a “wrapping up” update tomorrow, but wanted to get this out today to make our friends aware!

Note: Dashboard page will likely be tweaked up through Wednesday. But should be good to go Thursday morning.

New Speaker Tool?

IMG_4713About two weeks ago, we tested a “proof of concept” app during WPCampus. The web app was designed to take a talk you’ve logged in Conferencia and allow people to rate you (via positive emoji) live as you’re giving the talk.

Afterwards, data was taken and a graph was formed during David Bisset’s “BuddyPress and Higher Education” talk.

Check out the post. We would love your feedback… would this be an app you would like to use (end data would be completely private, unless you make it public).