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Private Beta Testers Needed

If you’ve been looking at blog posts on conferencia, things have been quiet. If you knew about what’s being currently worked on, it’s been ANYTHING but quiet.¬†any times development of new features or expansion of current features has to be kept quiet. But at some point you have to start to come out of your shell. Private beta testing is the start of that.

If you are speaking at any events in October (such as the wonderful LoopConf and the amazing WordCamp Orlando) and would like to try out our new method of speaker feedback, please reach out as soon as possible.

This feedback allows you to not only get positive reactions from attendees (physical and online via livestream) but also get a general idea WHEN the audience feels via emoji. You can read about the first initial test of this, which happened at WPCampus earlier this summer.

As a private beta tester you’ll be able to:

  1. Select your own emoji for your talk.
  2. Get a unique url.
  3. If things go well, be able to see a performance chart (similar to what I show here).

In order for this to work, audience will need to know about the URL in advance (although announcing at the start of a talk is awesome, you might want to let attendees know a few days in advance too).

Remember that unless you decide otherwise, everything about the experience is meant to give you positive feedback to some degree.

Looking forward to hearing from you! Click here to fill out our super-brief private beta form.

Edit: I am focusing on LoopConf and WordCamp Orlando because I plan to be physically there. If you are attending any other WordPress or event, let me know and we might be able to work something out.