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Conferencia Now Has It’s Own Slack App!


Screenshot 2016-08-02 13.18.23We are proud to announce that Conferencia has it’s own Slack app. Yes – you can now do searches and get details on WordCamps and events… from the comfort of your own Slack channels! I would love see people install this for their own Slack teams and let us know what they think!

You can download the app and see a screenshot or two from our Slack information page:

Remember that we are just starting out with WordCamps, and we are already reaching out to other conferences to add them to Conferencia’s growing database.

Proud to say that this app has been running on PostStatus Slack (if you don’t know what PostStatus is and you deal with WordPress, then definitely check them out) and while it needs a little polish it works like a charm. We’ve even added some easter eggs and jokes to make it more fun to abuse… er, use.

Please reach out to us with feedback or to report bugs on our Slack app!