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Event Broadcasts / Videos

This past weekend, we were able to put up the proof of concept of monitoring the following from a conference (thanks to a little outside help during the WordCamp Northeast Ohio conference):

– Official livestreams
– Periscope Videos
– Vine Videos

The “official livestream” is actually something the event organizer enteres and provides information for. For example, WordCamp Europe 2016 has a live video stream and there’s information on it’s conferencia page about this.

Perioscope and Vine videos are found if they are posted on Twitter with the event hashtags.

Admittingly, at least with WordCamps (which conferencia is starting off with), not alot of either Periscope or Vine videos are made during conferences. But it does happen. Now that we can catch these, we’ll be able parse them and alert users (if they want this information) via notifications. These videos might be nice for someone virtually monitoring the conference.

Screenshot 2016-06-12 11.37.19