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Emoji and Mentioning Users

Two nice additions to event “update” pages, which attendees and organizers are meant to watch for and add updates (some of the updates are sent to users who opt-in for notifications).

1. Thanks to iMath’s BuddyPress Reactions plugin, you now have the ability to add emojis to updates (just start typing a colon – “:” – to start the list of emojis). Better than that, you can add “reactions” to updates people make! See the screenshot below – currently there are about seven or eight reactions. These reactions include star, heart (favorite), wave, smiling, microphone (in case someone gave a great talk). All positive emotions/reactions. It’s really cool to play with.

2. You can now mention users in an event update and get a special “autosuggest” box. Just start the mention with the “@” symbol. See the below screenshot.

Screenshot 2016-06-10 11.22.11