Tracking Event Tickets And Speaker Calls

We are moving out code that will attempt to post when tickets go on sale for events and when speaker calls might be open. We are starting with WordCamps because – well – that’s the most common event type for our current audience.

Tickets are easier to deal with but sadly there’s no good way to determine speaker call windows, at least automatically. It’s something we are going to work on but for now the events page is now updated with labels. We are tying this into our “notification” system so soon if you follow a particular conference early enough you should be able to get ticket and speaker call alerts.

The automatic system we have in place will never be perfect, but it’s mean to be a system used if the conference owners/organizers don’t update things manually. More update on this to come.

Screenshot 2016-05-17 15.17.44

New: Event Notifications

Just added to – event notifications for members. Right now, the focus is (1) general information, (2) ticket availability, and (3) speaker calls. Here’s how it’s going down.

Select Your Notification From The Event Page

You can check off what you want – you could have all three, just one, or any combo.

May-08-2016 20-24-36

Adjust How You Want To Be Notified

Go into your settings and select HOW you want to be notified.

May-08-2016 20-31-35

  • “Web” is standard notifications… the same notifications you get when you click on the notifications icon in your header (the bell).
  • “Email” is just what it sounds like. Tweaks are still being made, but the goal is to deliver a once-a-week newsletter with the latest notifications (example: one of the conferences you are following is opening up tickets sales next week). Nobody loves a barrage of emails, so we are not looking at overloading inboxes.
  • “Slack” is something i’m personally proud of, since many of the community is a member of a Slack channel and somewhere. There’s a new “Slack” tab in settings that allows you to connect to your Slack.

Here’s an example of a Slack notification (just an early preview):

Screenshot 2016-05-09 09.45.19

Here’s an example of an email notification (again just an early preview, and using BuddyPress’s new mail APIs):


This is all Beta, and still setting up the automatic timing of the scripts, but most of the code is in place. Testing ahoy!